December 13, 2012

12 Days 'Til Christmas | Outfit Post

Plaid Shirt: Hollister/Sweater: Urban Outfitters/Shorts: Pac Sun/ Tights: Target/ Necklaces: J.Crew & Handmade/Shoes: Dolce Vita

Its officially 12 days until Christmas (!!!) This holiday always seems to take me by surprise. As I was writing this post, my room mate passed me and asked if I was going to make something for twelve days until Christmas and I laughed at first…then got to thinking it wasn’t such a bad idea. So from today until Christmas I will be making something. Today I finished a present I’ve been working on for a few days this past week and I have some more ideas for the rest of the eleven days. I’ll probably keep the projects small and I’ll share them with you, of course.

Shorts and Tights are one of my favorite things along with ankle boots, plaid and a large sweater so this outfit was a major comfy fest. What isn’t comfortable is the fact that my nose turns red any time I walk out into the cold but…we won’t talk about that.

I hope you have a great week, and if you are taking college finals good luck on studying!!