February 1, 2017

2017 Home Project List

^one of my favorite projects of 2016.

2016 was full of some exciting changes to our home, but of course there is still a long list of projects for 2017! Instead of making a completely new list of projects for the new year I am going to pick up where we left off. Mainly, I am trying to work on not starting a new project until I complete what is already in front of me. Some of these are big projects and some are small, I think it is important to keep a balance of both throughout the year and hopefully we will even get to more things on my extended list!

1- Adding a master bathroom to make a master suite– this will be our largest project and it will begin any day now (insert happy dance)! Last year we almost renovated our only bathroom but we decided to put this project off until we added a master bathroom. You can see where we started a bathroom refresh here. After saving and saving and more saving, it is almost time to add an additional bathroom. This will change our home in so many ways and I can’t wait! I’ll be sharing our bathroom plans here soon, but for now here is where we have been gathering inspiration.

2- Hemming curtains- Last year I finally hung our curtains which I was fighting for the longest time.  I have put off hemming them since I hung them…so this is our year!

3- Refinishing our living room chairs- Jordan and I found these chairs at a local antique store for a fantastic deal. Our plan is to strip down the black paint to restore the original wood and recover the cushions with leather. I’ve already started working with The Leather Hide Store to find the perfect leather…oh I can’t wait!

4- Built-ins flanking the fireplace- I love that our home has so much character, since it was built in the 1930s. I have always loved built-ins, I feel like they make a space seem complete and custom. Our plan is to add built-ins to match the time of our home like these

via House Tweaking

5- Create a cozy, peaceful master bedroom environment- I know this happens so much in decorating your home: your bedroom becomes neglected and isn’t where you retreat to. Our living room, kitchen and dining room definitely get most of the attention since that is what our guests see. When we add a master bathroom, it will completely change our bedroom so I expect us to spend a lot more energy in decorating our room. You can see my inspiration for this space here

6- Build a pantry out of old water heater closet- This project will also come along with adding a master bathroom since we will be replacing our water heater with an outdoor tankless water heater. This will free up a closet in our kitchen for a pantry. I’m excited to make our pantry organized and functional like this.

What is on YOUR project list for 2016? I would love to follow along!