March 1, 2018

5-Minute Marble Tray | DIY

 I made this DIY last year and honestly never shared it on my blog because it is SO easy and so cheap…but I kept getting questions about it and figured the best DIYs are the simple ones. So here we go! Here is how to make your own marble tray in less than 5 minutes.

 5-Minute Marble Tray DIY

Materials: Large Rectangle Marble tile (I found mine at Home Depot), Adhesive Rubber Feet (also found at Home depot), Sand paper

Steps: Sand off any bar codes that may be on the edges of your tile using sand paper, apply rubber feet to the four corners of the tile. Optional: If your rubber feet are not sticking, use a heavy duty glue to apply.

Of course, you can get fancy and paint the edges or add handles but I’m learning I love a good simple home accessory that doesn’t beg for attention but stands on its own. This marble tray allows our coffee table books, coasters and candles to have a grounding spot.

Looking for another DIY? Try this hexagon tray, this hexagon serving tray or this hexagon tile vase (can you sense a trend?!)