March 28, 2013

6 Tumblrs You Should Follow

I enjoy looking at tumblrs, more so than pinterest. Tumblrs don’t repeat themselves as easily as pinterest. Here are six tumblrs I enjoy following, I thought you may enjoy it as well. I follow many more, but these are my top choices.  

 //freepeople tumblr. I check up on this tumblr daily for outfit inspiration.

 //blue eyed birdy tumblr. This is by far my favorite tumblr. It is filled with beautiful sights as well as encouraging words that are written nicely.

 //crush cul de sac tumblr.I love the colors and eclectic photos that are always posted.

 //joy felicity jane tumblr. I found Joy’s tumblr before I found her blog, and I’m in love with both!

 //white shadows tumblr. I love how most of the time original illustrations and drawings are posted by the author

//remain simple tumblr. I love how clean and crisp everything is. It makes me want to sell everything I own and just stick to clean basics.

Do you follow any tumblrs?