May 3, 2017

A Backyard Summer Picnic | With Anthropologie

Something I’m trying to get better at is enjoying our home before it is in our dream state. I’ve mentioned this before on my blog but I keep coming back to it because I think it is so important! Recently I hung leftover string lights from our wedding in our backyard for Jordan’s birthday and they instantly made our backyard our spot. We have enjoyed this space more in the past few months than ever before.

This is what inspired this shoot. Taking beautiful Anthropologie home items and creating a pretty palette in the midst of our not-so-perfect backyard. It is a juxtaposition I’ve come to love and it has been so fun having an extra space to enjoy. My friend Rachel and I came together to style this backyard picnic with Anthropologie items from our local Anthro

 Everybody loves pizza, and I’m a sucker for oven pizza. Place it on a pretty gold platter and no one will know!

 To create the picnic, we started with a simple table top upon a few cinderblocks. Next, we layered white sheets and blankets for a blank slate. Then came texture and color with pillows, throws, florals and the food!

 Who says planters are only for plants?! Since there were already greenery and florals, we turned this rattan planter into a cooler for La Croix!

 I love me a good cheese board! We had honey goat cheese and herb goat cheese which was quickly devoured by a group of friends afterwards.

 Rachel is wearing the Nighttide Jumpsuit in black that pairs perfectly with a bandana.

I’m so thankful we have a space to entertain in and enjoy with friends and family. Don’t feel like you have to have your dream space before you enjoy time in or outside of your home! And when all else fails, add string lights because they make any space look good 😉

Sources: Berry Basket | Baguette Bowl | Dinner Plates | Large Latte Bowl | Gold Platter | Glasses | Marble Cheese Board | Napkins | Cheese Knives | Serving Set | Smaller Plates | Plant Stand | Nighttide Jumpsuit | Tufted Throw | Lumbar Marisol Pillow | Textured Safira Pillow | Foil & Fringe Pillow | Marbled Pillow | Pink Terra-Cotta Pot | Koyla Vase | Bubble Glass Lantern