November 6, 2015

A Complete List of Upholstery Tools

Before starting your upholstery project, you need the right tools! When you have the right tools, everything else goes so much smoother. Here is a complete list of upholstery tools you need to get the job done right:

Staple Gun- get the electric or pneumatic kind. You’ll hurt yourself and hate this project if you use a hand stapler. I used an electric and got by just fine, but many people prefer pneumatic- they are fast and don’t even need pressure. This should cost you under $30!

Staples- Whichever stapler you get, find staples that fit and get a lot. I used over 1500 staples. These are only a few dollars.

Fabric- You can read about how to find the perfect fabric here. This can be one of your highest expenses of the project, but if you are lucky and dig, you can find fabric on sale!

Cotton Piping- For new piping on cushions and outlines of your project.

Pliers- This is for pulling out the thousands of staples already on your project. You need these!

Flat Head Screwdriver- This will make pulling out all the staples a breeze. Pop up all the staples first and then go back and use your pliers to get them completely off.

Bowl for staples- You’ll be taking off thousands of staples and having a spot for them once they come off your project keeps everything organized.

Hammer- For pesky pieces of wood or staples that need it.

Stain (optional)- If you are changing the color of any wood or legs on your project

Sandpaper (optional)- Only necessary if you are working with the wood on your project.

Batting (optional)- If you need to add batting to smooth out wrinkles in the old foam.

Extra stuffing and foam (optional)- You may need extra stuffing and foam if the old foam is out of shape or just not comfortable.

Wood (optional)– You’ll need wood if you are changing the shape of your couch (I’ll have a post on that soon)

A lot of these tools you probably already have, so don’t fret if it seems like a lot! I’ll be coming back soon with a post on the actual reupholstery process.