April 9, 2014

A Creative Rut

Photos taken with a Kodak disposable camera.

Shirt&Bag: Free People//Kimono: Frolic//Bracelets: J.Crew//Boots: Steve Madden//Hat: Jessica Simpson

For a few months now, I have felt like I haven’t had many ideas flowing of things to create and share. Have you ever been in a “funk” creatively for no good reason? I blame it on the harsh winter, but I know I have just been making excuses. I have probably started ten different projects and not finished but a few, and they were just alright- nothing too special. I realized that I was wanting ideas and when I had an idea, I wouldn’t follow through if the starting idea wasn’t perfect or easy. I’m learning that your starting idea is never perfect, should never be perfect and if it were easy then it probably isn’t a great idea. Ideas are meant to evolve and grow into something much greater and sometimes completely different than the initial idea. You have to keep chipping at the rock to turn it into something beautiful and well made. Ideas are good and all, but you have to work past obstacles to see something great.

I’ve always thought creativity inspires creativity and failing can give you an even better idea of how to reach the end goal. I haven’t been doing that: I haven’t been creating just to create and see these ideas evolve without fear of failing. So, I’m going to spend time on these ideas and keep chipping away at them and work my way out of this creative rut instead of just waiting for it to magically happen.

Have you ever dealt with anything like this? What are your thoughts?