February 27, 2018

A FREE Workbook: How To Make Your First 100 Sales On Etsy

I wrotethis blog post on how to make your first 100 sales on Etsy and then got to thinking there was so much more I could have added. That’s when I thought to make a free workbook to walk Etsy sellers through their first 100 sales on Etsy.

I have opened three successful Etsy shops over the past 5 years and I’ve been wanting to help other Etsy sellers since the beginning. I hope this free resource helps you in your own Etsy journey!


What you’ll learn through this workbook:

  – How to make sure your product is ready for Etsy and how to generate more sales through more product options. 

  – What makes a photo sell a product

  – How to promote to your circle of influence and beyond

  – How to create the perfect product title and focusing on SEO

  – How to adapt along the way!

Reaching your first 100 sales is a huge milestone to selling on Etsy. I’ve found that it is the first domino to the chain reaction so I’m excited to give you this free workbook to help you reach your first 100 sales!