June 17, 2016

A Weekend Kitchen Makeover

Check out the before photos of the kitchen here.

You’ve heard it again and again: paint can change everything. A few months ago I had the genius (insert eye roll) idea to paint our kitchen wall bright white. The only problem is I painted it and hated it. I chose the wrong white and it just was not working. It was left to be a sad white wall for months since I couldn’t put my finger on what to do instead. I thought of shiplap, tile (which would be awesome if this was a huge priority financially), and even painting it the color it originally was: a shade lighter than the cabinets.  A few weeks ago as I was perusing Pinterest, I came across this photo which I have had pinned for years. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before but just had to try the black wall! So much so, I woke up the next day and got the “go-ahead” from Jordan and while he was at work, I painted away!

The reason I was so inclined to just try it was I had paint leftover from our fireplace and front door makeover. I didn’t know a pint of paint could go that far, but I used every bit of that paint! All I needed was a fresh paint roller, which I picked up for $3. This is the biggest and cheapest change we’ve made to a room (next to my shiplap studio). I even tore that cable outlet and patched up the whole which made a huge difference!

This wall took a few days to get used to since it was such a bold change from white to black. Some days we would like it and others, we were just unsure. I think by now we like it and are searching for the perfect photos to frame on the wall in black frames like the inspiration. Now I just need to finish edging it since we decided we are going to keep it! I also think a new runner for the kitchen will help-but that will come in due time. We have other prioritiesā€¦like a bathroom to remodel! šŸ˜‰

Do you have any weekend makeover plans?!