April 6, 2016

Acrylic Taco Stand | DIY

Last month, I took a quick trip down to Dallas to visit my brother and sister-in-law. In the short time I was there we hit up a lot of delicious restaurants. One of them being Velvet Taco. It was so unique and not authentic-mexican in any way BUT it was so good. I still dream about the shrimp and grits taco. 

They served your tacos in a cool metal tray and obviously I was like “hello! I want to make this!” and since I’ve been on an acrylic kick – acrylic was the way to go. You can whip these up in less than 10 minutes and they are the perfect party tray to keep those tacos in place and pretty at the same time!

Materials: 18x24inch piece of acrylic cut into thirds (your home improvement store can do this), heat gun, painters tape, measuring tape, 2 pieces of scrap wood, tacos.

Process:  First, tape off where you want your folds to be. I taped mine first at 1.5 inches and then every 3 inches. Slide the acrylic between the two pieces of wood that will act as a vice. When it reaches the first piece of tape, remove the tape and turn the heat gun on. Going back and forth along the seam, heat up the acrylic. Once it starts to droop turn off the heat gun and remove it from the vice. Shape the acrylic to make the handle. Repeat this on every line that has tape and shape into Vs. You’ll have enough room for 3 taco Vs and a handle on the last line.

You’ll need to flip the acrylic over after you shape it so it will droop the opposite way. Make sure it cools off and hardens in place before moving on to the next. Fill with your favorite tacos and serve!

Tacos are a staple in our home, so I have a feeling we will be using these a lot!

Now I want to know… what your favorite tacos? I’m always looking to try a new recipe!