July 26, 2017

Adding Luxury To Our Bathroom Remodel With Serena & Lily

We wrapped up the construction on our bathroom addition around April. Although the bathroom was usable, I’ve been slowly gathering finishing details, hence the reveal of the bathroom hasn’t made it to the blog yet.  Something I’ve been looking forward to was new towels. Now I know I could’ve bought new towels before our bathroom was finished but it felt much more special getting them after the remodel was complete. It’s like when you wait to try out the new specialty ice cream shop when your best friend comes to town, you want the moment to be complete!

Truthfully, I had only bought inexpensive towels from big box stores up until this point. I love the hotel experience and wanted that feeling in our own home. But I knew continuing to buy scratchy, cheap towels at the same place I buy my groceries was not how I would achieve the hotel experience.

Enter my new favorite luxury bath towels. Guys, I’ve found the towel of your dreams: the Calistoga Bath Towels from Serena & Lily. These towels are made from turkish cotton and are plush, luxurious and are the finishing touch to our bathroom remodel.

Jordan even noted how these are the best bath towels, especially after we have had a few conversations on how hard it is to dry off with the previous towels we owned. We’ve never had luxury bath towelsbefore, so this was definitely an upgrade!

I stepped out a tiny bit from my white box and ordered these in the color, Horizon, and I feel like they  compliment the rest of the space so well.

Taking months to call our bathroom complete has been totally worth it because it has given us space to mull over decisions instead of buying the first thing we see in our price range. I believe the small decisions are the most important and really take the space from nice to a luxurious. Life lesson, spring for theplush, luxurious towels. You’ll never regret it!

To help you take a step towards luxury, Serena & Lily is offering 15% off for one week only! Just use “TOWELCRUSH15” at checkout!

Product was provided by Serena & Lily for this blog post. I know you’ll love them as much as I do!