June 30, 2017

Always Rooney Studio Tour

Today I’m sharing one of the most loved rooms in our home: my home studio! I feel so blessed to have my own space to sew, create, and make messes in. Not all my time working is spent making, half of it is me staring at a computer screen replying to emails and doing behind the scenes work but when I do get to make and customize orders, I love that I have a space to try new things in! 

I found this cabinet in a shed in our backyard a couple years ago and it stores scrap fabric, tools, paints and small craft supplies. You can see how I refinished the cabinet here. I also shiplapped the walls last year and they instantly brightened the space and makes a great backdrop for product photos.

 Jordan made me this whale print for our first Christmas and it is still my favorite.

 Fun story about this banner: one day I was sewing a new project and I kept breaking needles and getting frustrated. I had a vision and just didn’t know how to get to the end product. I took a break for the day, made this banner and came back the next day and the project turned out just like I visioned it! Sometimes it is best to step away from a project, make something small and still practice making and return to the project later. I left it up to remind me of that time 🙂

As you can see, my cutting mat has seen better days. I have cut thousands of passport covers on this cutting mat that was originally my moms. I think I’ll need to upgrade soon.

If you ever wonder how I emboss the leather covers, this machine does the trick! Also, I get my stamps made here if you are wondering 😉

 The official shipping station of Always Rooney!

To be fair, my studio is not always this clean. I try to clean it every Thursday afternoon for the weekend so I can come back the next week for a fresh start. Being a creative and being organized don’t always go hand-in-hand. ha!

Thanks for coming into my studio today and taking a look around! You can follow me on instagramfor behind the scenes looks at making my passport covers and other projects.