July 14, 2012

Anthropolgie Inspired Sandals DIY

After seeing that this super cute pair of sandals was sold out at Anthropologie, I decided to make my own pair of sandals!

1.Materials needed: Flip flops, Leather cord, Leather, Fabric of your choice, exact knife, heavy duty glue

2. Cut off rubber from sandals, save and cut to use for toe hole.

3. Cut into flip flop sole with knife. Measure toe with rubber, cut & glue in hole.

4. Tape around end of leather chord

5. Cut hole, measure around foot and glue to other side of flip flop

6. Repeat!

7. Braid three strands of fabric, cut and glue onto flip flop

8. Tie leather chord into a double knot, slip through pre-cut hole in flip flop and glue into place.

9. Repeat!

10. Cut four strips of leather and fringe ends.

11. Glue the end of the leather chord.

12. Roll and glue. 

*REMEMBER: Follow directions on glue, I recommend waiting a full 24 hours for glue to set. 

I love the outcome of my new sandals! I’d love to see how yours turned out.