March 26, 2013

Antler Necklace | DIY

This is a spin-off of the yarn-bombed antlers that have graced many households and office spaces. Now, make your own for less than $4 and wear it everywhere you go!

 Materials needed: Oven bake clay (I used FIMO), Embroidery thread, yarn needle, chain & glue. Roll out clay into a ball, then roll back and forth into long roll. Fold long piece in half to make shape of antlers. Pinch off small sections of the clay to make points for the antlers. Repeat on other side until you are happy with the shape of your antlers. Poke holes using a yarn needle near top of points. Bake as directed on clay packaging. Tie embroidery thread around antlers & glue into place when finished. Attach chain and wear!

This DIY was so simple and I’ve already worn it a few times. This would be great for a gift because it is so customizable. You can change up the colors or paint the antlers gold!

What have you been making recently? I’d love to see! Leave a comment below for me to check it out.