April 4, 2013

Backpack restyle | DIY

I love backpacks and I’ve been looking for the perfect one for a while now. While browsing for a backpack for my trip to India in May, I came across this inexpensive one from Amazon. I was surprised by the price ($13!) that went along with the style. Since it was so plain I wanted to personalize it a little bit. Hopefully this can inspire you to do your own backpack restyle.

Materials: fabric, mod podge, paint brush, x-acto knife, scissors.

1. Measure the area you want to cover with fabric. 2. Cut out any part that shouldn’t be covered. In my case, I cut around the buckles. Make sure you leave room to fold the fabric over. 3. Cover area with mod podge and then lay down fabric. 4. Fold over and paint over edges to prevent fraying or fabric to come up.

Personalize it!

Materials:leather, metal letter stamps (availible at your local craft store), hammer, sewing machine

1. Cut out rectangle (or preferred shape) from leather. 2. Take stamps and use hammer to imprint words. 3. Sew on with sewing machine.

I’m really excited about my new backpack! Just in time for the spring weather to arrive.