April 8, 2013

Be Refreshed

This past weekend I left for a weekend retreat I had the opportunity of leading a high school team at a church camp. It was an incredible weekend and just a time to see God do incredible things in the lives of the students and my life as well.

I came home with a hoarse voice and ready for a nap, but ultimately I came home refreshed. It was a weekend to unplug from any type of distraction, cell phone, internet, etc. It is good to step away from life and just evaluate the reason you do what you do. To be encouraged and renewed. If you are feeling tired, worn out, burnt out, or uninspired maybe the best thing is to just unplug for a little bit. Write down goals, write down your dreams and expectations. Step away from distractions and put down your cell phone. You can’t be refreshed unless you step away and have time to reevaluate yourself. 

The photo above was taken by my friend Darian this past summer.