September 6, 2017

Before & After: Floor To Ceiling Subway Tile Wall In The Kitchen

This past weekend I tackled a project I’ve been wanting to work on for a while. We have a small kitchen and this one wall has always been something I’ve never loved. At first, it was a shade darker than the cabinets. Then, I tried painting it white which ended up looking dingy. Then, I painted it black after painting our door black. It took a while to grow on me, you can see when I painted it herebut I liked it for a while. We lived with it over a year and the whole time I just knew it should be tile.

I’ve always loved floor to ceiling tile and thought this small wall was perfect for it! It ended up brightening up the kitchen and making our kitchen appear larger than it is! You can see in the first photo how happy I am with it 😉

Here is where we started:

 Here is where we are now:

I love this view! I have some finishing touches to work on, but for now I am loving the dramatic change! 

The entire wall cost about $115 since I borrowed tools and took about 3 days to complete. I love how inexpensive yet classic subway tile is!