February 4, 2021

Before & After Tour of Our 1930’s Bathroom Renovation

Our long-awaited little bathroom renovation is finally finished! Back in 2013, my husband bought our home built in the 1930’s and renovated nearly everything with the exception of the hall bathroom. He had funds saved to renovate it but when we met, he decided to spend that money on an engagement ring.

Over the years, we have made plans to renovate and a different project always swooped in. When Willow arrived, we knew the kitchen sink baths were limited so we began renovating our outdated, not-working, no-outlet (you read that right), small hall bath. Looking back, I’m so glad we waited so long for the renovation because we knew exactly what we wanted and needed when the time came.

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We kept the toilet (that was replaced in 2013) and the original cast iron tub, that’s it! Through some research we found you can have tile, tubs and sinks resurfaced by a professional. I’ve seen kits for this but have heard some nightmare stories – so I’d look around your area and check on the reviews. The company we went with, Bathroom Magic, had outstanding reviews and photos to back it up. They came at seven a.m. and were finished by ten! I was shocked how quickly it went and how perfectly it turned out. It has held up amazing so far, I’m so pleased with the choice of refinishing vs. replacing our cast iron tub.

Since this bathroom is so small, we landed on a pocket door instead of having a door swing in and take up space. I think this may be my favorite change of the whole bathroom, besides adding an outlet, of course.

We wanted to keep it in line with the style and feel of our house so we decided to use the same hexagon tile for the floors. Unfortunately, the original tile wasn’t salvageable due to a giant crack and linoleum glue on top but the new tile is a special nod to what was once there! I actually removed most of the linoleum years ago with a heat gun. Even though the tile wasn’t in the best shape, it was worth it to live with the tile vs. plastic linoleum.

We turned to West Elm for the medicine cabinet mirror, Cedar and Moss for the sconce, and our friend Jon for the custom vanity. Thanks to our contractor, Josh, who did all of the work.

Overall, it has been so fun to see this bathroom take on a new life and be a place for our family to keep growing in this home. I’m so glad we waited a few extra years to renovate because it truly turned out so much better than our original plans. Funny how waiting does that, it tends to make things better.

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