August 6, 2013

Belted Map-Covered Notebook by The Merrythought

Hey! My name is Caitlin, I am a vintage-loving, craft-making lady that likes to spend a lot of time behind a camera. I share a lot of pictures and thoughts over on The Merrythought, where I blog with Manda and Marla!

I adore Courtney’s style and I am so excited to be here sharing a quick DIY today!

What you need:



-Leather belt

-Mod Podge

-Paint brush



-Super glue

*Optional -Upholstery tack & hammer

How to do it:

-Lay your book out flat on the backside of the map that you want to use. Trace a line about 1/2″ around the entire outside of the book. Cut out this line.

-Lay the book on the map again and mark each side of the binding of your book then cut out the small square so the map will not overlap the outside here. (But the binding should still be covered. See photos.)

-Use the paintbrush to coat the backside of the map in Mod Podge. Stick to your book and smooth. Fold excess paper carefully in to stick to the inside cover.

-Use a strong super glue to glue the buckle part of the belt to the front cover. (Do not put super glue around the binding it will make the book hard to open.) This is also where I chose to use a shortened upholstery tack for extra support and added cuteness!

-Wrap belt around the book and put another dab of super glue to stick it to the back cover.

I chose to leave my belt long so that I could hold it around my wrist and carry it on hikes with me! You can customize that part however you would like though – just cut it short and poke a hole in the leather so that you can buckle it. Makes a great travel journal or a fun gift for an adventure-loving friend! 


Isn’t this so great? Thanks so much Caitlin for sharing. I’m always so impressed by your crafty tutorials. Be sure to check out The Merrythought for other great DIYs and follow Caitlin, Marla & Manda along.  They are some of my favorites.