August 23, 2018

Books I Have Loved Lately | No. 1

I love hearing what other people are reading.. just like knowing what people eat for lunch or buy from the grocery store. It may be odd, but its one of those questions I love asking!

I also have a habit to keep a book if I loved it or donate it if I didn’t like it. I hate keeping books around the house just because. I only want to keep it if I would read it again or refer it to a friend. I’ve been thinking about this more as we are filling up the new built-in shelves in our living room. My college professor always said to bring a book with you wherever you go because you never know when you’ll have five minutes to read. My challenge for myself is to follow that rule and most of the time I bring around one of these books because they are my favorites!

So without further ado, here are some books I have loved lately…

1. Pursuit of GodI first read this by myself and then again in a small group of women. I believe every page is underlined and filled with notes. A beautiful book that you just want to read over and over. Its a quick read in size but full of depth.

2. Jesus The KingIf you ever ask for a book recommendation, I’ll tell you to read Jesus The King by Timothy Keller. It walks through the life of Jesus that is laid out in Mark and how He came to change every part of our lives.

3. UninvitedThis is the book I didn’t know I needed. The tagline says “Living loved when you feel less than, left out and lonely” which didn’t resonate with me until I read the book. WOW – I believe every woman needs to read this book.

4. Wabi SabiWelcomeMy sister just gifted this book to me and although it is a beautiful coffee book table, I couldn’t help but mark up the pages because the concept of Wabi Sabi has resonated with me so deeply. It’s something I would love to work into my daily life and highly recommend you reading about. I also love that the whole book was shot on film and unedited.

5. Surf ShackA beautiful book of how surfer’s live. I was so shocked at how many surfers revolve their entire life around getting in the ocean and their homes reflect that…which is so beautiful to me. My favorite home featured in the book is TOM’s founder, Blake Mycoskie.

6. StorybrandIf you have a business of any kind, you must read this book! Another recommendation from my sister (can you sense a trend?!) and full of invaluable information.

7. Profit FirstAnother business book for those of you confused by finances. The way that profits are explained in this book make so much sense – you just have to read it to understand!

8. Out Of The Saltshaker and Into The WorldI recently read this book with another group of women and I love the way Rebecca Pippert approaches a lifestyle of evangelism. Basically, she takes the pressure off of you and shares how our lives are proof of the Gospel. It’s challenging yet freeing to read this book!

I hope you found some books from this list to add to your own. I’m interested, what are your all time favorite books?!