February 16, 2013

Branch Napkin Ring | DIY

After seeing these napkin rings in my sister’s home I knew I wanted to learn how to make them! It is fairly simple, just as long as you don’t get overwhelmed by tools…because they are just there to make the process easier on you! 

Materials needed: A thick branch, hand saw, table saw, drill with round bit (about 3/4-7/8 in diameter), knife, sandpaper, table clamps

1. Cut down a branch from a dry, dead tree. *It is very important it is dry, you can cut it and let it dry but don’t begin rest of the process until your branch is dry. 

2. Saw your branch into 1 1/2 inch pieces. 

3. Clamp your branch pieces to a table for drilling. Drill through branch straight up and down, make sure to go at a steady pace not adding too much pressure or your ring will break.

4. Take a knife and go around the edge of the ring at an angle so the napkin will slide easily in and out.

5. Sand the middle of the ring and you are finished!

Thanks to my sister, Alex, for contributing this DIY to Always Rooney. I am excited about my new napkin rings to put on my newly restyled table.