February 23, 2013

Bring on Spring | Outfit

Hat: Jessica Simpson//Jewel Necklace: J.Crew//Nail necklace: Gift//Sweater: Roxy//Vest: I cut the sleeves off a jean jacket from the little girl’s section at Target//Skirt: Urban//Socks: TJMaxx

Let me just take a moment to share one of my favorite thrift finds: these winter boots. They were $4 at my local Salvation Army and have protected me from many slips and falls in the snow. Best investment.

The ice is melting away, but it was pretty while it lasted. Now…bring on the spring, I am beyond ready…especially since spring break is next week and I would love some higher temperatures for my time off. This long weekend has been perfect. I have had just the right amount of time to relax, spend time with friends, work on projects and enjoy the simple life.

How has your weekend treated you?


*All photos taken by Chase Kennedy