October 3, 2013

California Here We Come

*Cue the OC theme song*

I’ve dreamt for so long to visit California-especially after growing up on tv shows like Laguna Beach and only knowing of the gulf coast.This week I finally visited. My parents and I went with no set schedule, just hopes to see the coast and even Mickey Mouse. We started our trip at Disneyland because frankly, our family loves all things Disney. After we got our Disney fix, we went to the fashion district of LA (which felt like I was in India again!!), strolling around, driving the coast, watching the sunset at the Santa Monica Pier, shopping in Newport, pizza in Laguna, watch the waves crash on the beach and visiting vintage shops. It was a short trip but I feel like I saw so much. It was like I dipped my toes in and I already need to go back to take it all in again and again.

The new scenery was inspiring. I am excited to see what comes from this trip: inspiration seems to flow so much smoother when you step outside of your everyday life.

California is amazing, I’m in love.