June 24, 2014

Carrot Lemonade

I first had carrot lemonade a few weeks ago at a new coffee shop in town and was immediately hooked. Since $4 a glass is more than I want to spend every time I have a carrot lemonade craving (which is more often than not) I did a little research and experimenting to make my own.

Ingredients: 4 Lemons, 20 oz pineapple juice from a can (with no added sugar), 16 oz carrots (half of a large bag)

Instructions: With a juicer, juice the lemons and carrots. Pour in the juice from the can and save the sliced pineapple (I dehydrated mine). Taste your lemonade to and if it is too tart, add a tbsp of sugar or more carrots. Slice up some lemons, add a straw and enjoy!

*I found I like the taste of more carrots than too many lemons so try it out a few times to see how you like it!

What is your favorite drink this summer?