December 28, 2013

Carry-All Mail Bag | DIY

With all the trips I made to the post office this holiday season, I needed a bag to carry all my packages in with instead of an old Urban Outfitters bag. This tote can carry so much and is easily customizable so if you aren’t taking trips to the post office, you could easily use this for a market bag or a bag for your next plane ride.

 Materials: Large tote (I found mine at my local craft store), Leather strap, Studs with prongs on the back, iron on paper, envelope download (or “You Got Mail” download!), exacto knife, Extra fabric, & sewing machine

Steps: Cut off bottom of your tote bag, you will use this to make a pattern for your extra fabric. Cut your pattern out of the new fabric and sew together then attach to the bottom of your bag. Fold inside out. Print out your design on your iron on paper (follow the directions on the package). Be sure to clean off the surface before you iron on your image..this is where I messed up and had to paint over the image in the end which shouldn’t be necessary if you clean off the bag. Finally, cut your strap to the length you like and cut slits with the exacto knife to put the studs through and secure through the canvas on the bag.