November 17, 2021

Christmas Gifts for Makers & Sewists

I remember nine years ago on Christmas day opening up my brand new Baby Lock sewing machine. The first one that was mine. The sewing machine that started my first business, where I learned how to sew my own clothes, the sewing machine that I came to as I was navigating new seasons. Around this time of year, I get pretty nostalgic about that gift my parents thoughtfully gave me.

If you are looking to gift a maker or sewist, I compiled this list for you! I want to keep it simple because I believe with a few tools, you can get started sewing. It’s truly about just beginning and taking that first step. Then, you’ll see what you really need!

Beginner Sewing Machine – If you want more sewing machine recommendations, check this post!

Serger – A special tool that will make all of your garments feel complete.

Scissors – I linked the premium scissors I have my eye on. These scissors will last forever! If you are looking for a different pair, try out these tried and true scissors!

Rotary Cutter – When you cut fabric with a rotary cutter first time, you’ll be amazed! This cutter is also great.

Cutting Mat – A great cutting mat will last you years! This can easily be stored away when not in use.

Magnetic Marble Pin Dish -Tip: don’t wait as long as I did to get a magnetic dish for your straight pins! This marble one is so beautiful and from a small shop!

Sewing Organizer Box – I Iove having a place to store all of my sewing supplies. This wood box could be passed down to new generations!

Tracing Paper – Having tracing paper on hand is definitely needed when following patterns and preserving the original sizes!

Sew Step by Step – I love this book. It’s simple to read and breaks down complex ideas to simple steps!

A gift card for new fabric – This is one of those gift cards that will actually be used! If you need fabric recommendations, read this post.

Patterns – Of course, I am biased and think a new sewing pattern is a wonderful gift!

*This post contains affiliate links which do not affect the price but allow me to make more resources for you!