June 3, 2012

Coffee Filter Stamped Floral Shorts

 Here is a simple, cheap d.i.y. perfect for wearing to summer bbq’s and bon fires.

When making these shorts I wanted flowers that were more abstract than a stencil or the regular flower doodle, so I turned to the multi-purpose coffee filter to stamp flowers onto my shorts. Feel free to use your own creativity on this project, coffee filters make for great abstract flowers! 

Materials needed: coffee filters, all purpose/fabric paint, shorts (mine were thrifted), paintbrush.

1. Cut coffee filters in half and start rolling along the edges to make a flower

2. Dip end of flower in paint and print onto shorts

3. Color in flowers with paintbrush 

4. Add accents like green leaves.

Disclaimer: while in the process of making these shorts I googled the right way to paint on shorts and found fabric paint & acrylic works best. The only fabric paint I found was fluorescent so I went with acrylic (the directions say it is fine to use on fabrics). I don’t know how they will turn out when I wash them, but if anything they will just fade and make the design more subtle.

The weekend is almost over, take full advantage of the weather and the summer festivities.