September 11, 2014

Coin Pouch | DIY

If we are being completely honest, I haven’t made anything other than passport cases or other items from my Etsy shop in a while. It’s a funny thing- to always feel like I’m making something but not moving forward and making anything new or just making something for the heck of it. So earlier this week I told myself I should make something. Anything. So I did- with items I already had lying around. From there, I have made three other projects and I’m slowly crawling out of my hiatus. I think getting back into crafting just starts with something small, something simple, something practical. So I made a coin pouch. Easy, functional and something that has come in handy. 

Materials: Leather, fabric, sewing machine, paint pens, round object for shaping

Instructions: Trace your round object onto your leather and cut out 3 circles. Cut 1/4 off one circle, cut one in half and keep one a whole circle. Place the complete circle face down, layer the 1/4 circle on top and the 1/2 circle on top. Sew around the edges and place coins inside! 

These would make a great gift and are very functional! What have you been making lately? Be sure to leave a link so I can check it out! I promise soon I’ll be back into making more tables and beds;)