January 11, 2016

Copper & Geometric Shape Clock | DIY

I had this clock set left over from this project and I finally got around to making a clock this week with it! I was heavily inspired by Convivial Production’s beautiful ceramics and love how it adds to my little gallery wall in my studio. This is a project you can easily do in an hour and I think the end product is worth it!

materials: oven bake clay, clock set, copper tape, x-acto knife, ruler, circle shape to trace 

process: Roll out your clay to a thin layer big enough to cover the surface of the circle shape you are tracing. Trace your shape and cut around it using the x-acto knife. Place the big square part of the clock in the middle and make guides with your knife around it so that you don’t cut shapes in that area. Using the ruler, score lines around the circle like you are slicing a pizza so that you have areas to cut shapes in. Using your “slices” as guidelines, randomly draw out shapes (I chose triangles) and cut them out of the clay. Cut out a hole for the middle. Bake your clay according to the package directions. While that is baking, cover the hands of the clock with copper tape. Once the clock shape is done baking, let it cool completely and assemble your clock! To hang, I made an extra rectangle shape and attached it to the back so it made the clock hang evenly.

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