June 10, 2013

Crochet Trim Skirt Restyle | DIY

I found this skirt while thrifting for maxi skirts and dresses to wear in India. I didn’t like the original hot pink color so I restyled it. Here is what I did..

Materials: Skirt (I thrifted and dyed mine), crochet/lace ribbon trim, sewing machine/needle & thread, sewing pins. Starting at the bottom of the skirt with the skirt fanned completely out I made a “v” pattern by angling the ribbon and cutting it in the middle then finishing out by angling the ribbon the opposite direction. I repeated this for three more rows going to the top of the skirt. I left five inches in between each space. After pinning in place, I sewed the ribbon on! 

Now it is a skirt I will probably throw on more often through the hot summer days for the breeze to flow through. Have you thought of restyling anything lately?