March 15, 2013

Cut Out Sleeves | DIY

I’m a fan of the cut out trend that has graced just about every fashion line. I saw a shirt the other day I knew would only cost about $3 to recreate, so I jumped on it…like most do-it-yourself projects. This takes me back to the 90s and can’t wait to break this shirt out when the temperatures reach 70 degrees this weekend.

>>Materials needed: Shirt, sewing machine or needle and thread, studs are optional

>>Try on your shirt and determine where you want your sleeves to end, mark and cut. Allow room for a seam

>>Measure .25 inches from the armpit and draw a line across sleeve. Draw a line following the seam of the sleeve.

>>Cut around line drawn, allow for a seam.

>>Hem sleeves from the shoulder opening all the way around the arm sleeves.

>>After repeating on other side, add optional studs and wear. Hello 90s!

 So easy, plus its not your average cut-out. I’m a fan. What is your favorite trend happening now?