February 24, 2016

Dining Room & Kitchen | Before & After

After posting a shot of our dining room on instagram this morning, I thought I would share a walk down memory lane of how it used to look! I enjoyed sharing how our living room has changed this past year so here is where we are now with the other side of the open floor plan. There are obviously still things I want to change…but I really enjoy where it is right now and love being in these rooms!

Here is the before…

 Why, carpet?! Why?

 ^This is how it looked before we got our new rug! We moved the cowhide to Jordan’s studio.

 And after we got the new rug! It was a vintage find via Caprock Vintage which I stumbled upon one random afternoon. I had been scrolling and scrolling to find the perfect rug and always came back to this post for inspiration. The rug was perfect, I loved the colors and everything about it and was so bummed it was vintage. Well come to find out, the couple’s home that was featured in the Design Sponge article owns Caprock Vintage and had it for sale! (!!!!!!) I was so surprised and love how it adds to our space.

We are still using the hanging fruit basket I made and I think I’ll keep it up for a while…it is nice to have a designated spot for produce. I think it would be awesome to have a built-in bench under the window with extra storage and pillows!

 The original built-in holds cookbooks, our mugs and tea collection.

 The bentwood style chairs were a $3 score at a garage sale. I want to find two more and paint them all black but can’t bring myself to paying for them for more than a few dollars since I found the other ones so cheap. I’ll probably have to cave and pay more or just go all out and get these gorgeous ones from Anthropologie!

Here is the before and after of our refrigerator nook. It is around the corner from the stove and is unfortunate you can’t see the cute fridge but it is a nice surprise to walk around to 😉

I like the rail of hanging kitchen supplies but honestly don’t use any of those pans! They are ones we got from our wedding and I really like keeping them in top-shape. So until I am desperate for more pans, those will be in pristine shape and be used years from now.

We eventually would like to have a custom table built in a natural wood to replace this one, but until then the black is a nice neutral and doesn’t bother me.

Isn’t the power of taking down a few walls, tearing up carpet to reveal beautiful floors and adding your own personal touch amazing? I’m excited to see how this space evolves over time.


Since posting this, I painted our back wall black and it made a major change! Now I just need one more bentwood chair before I paint them and we are going to commission a friend to make us a new dining table. I love how much our home changes over time with small tweaks.