May 9, 2016

Dishcloth Restyle With Leather: Four Different Ways | DIY

You know those items you really know you need but you just skip out buying them for weeks and weeks (maybe months)? Maybe I’m the only one that does this, but I will know I need something and not buy it because I don’t want to get in the long line or another silly reason. Dishcloths were this exact thing for me. But thanks to my friend, Abbey, I got a set of cute these Anthropologie dishcloths! I needed a way to hang them up on a little hook so I obviously went to my favorite material: leather. All four solutions were whipped up in less than 5 minutes. No joke.

After I made the first dishcloth with a little loop, I thought it would be fun to add a little pocket which could be used for silverware or you know….flowers 😉 As I was sewing the pocket, I held it up to see my completed work and had the thought that this would be a great waist apron! Jordan just asked me the other day if I would ever wear an apron (probably because I’m always covered in leather lint!) so this was the perfect solution! This DIY was so easy and fun to see all the different ways to use a dishcloth. Here is how I made each one:

DIY Waist Apron From A Dishcloth

Materials: Dishcloth, Leather cord, sewing machine with leather needle or leather glue

Process: Turn dishcloth sideways and hold up to your waist, determine the length you want it to be and fold over to shorten it. Cut two pieces of leather cord about 24 inches long or the size of your waist and sew between the dishcloth fold. Repeat on opposite side. Tie around your waist and go bake something!

 DIY Leather Hook Dishcloth (Two Ways)

Materials: Dishcloth, scrap leather, crop-o-dile, silver snaps

Process: Cut a rectangle piece of scrap leather about 4 inches long. Determine where you want the hook on your dishcloth- I did one in the middle to hang at a shorter length and one at a corner. Punch a hole with the crop-o-dile and Secure leather strap with silver snaps. 

 DIY Leather Pocket 

Materials: Dishcloth, scrap leather, sewing machine with leather needle or leather glue

Process: Cut out a 4×4 leather square. From the middle, cut an angle to make a pentagon shape. Sew in the middle of the dish towel!

These dishcloths were so cute to begin with and now I love that I can keep them on display since they have leather hooks as well as use them for other purposes around the house! Which restyle is your favorite?