September 30, 2013

Do What You Love | Dough A Dear Bakery

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on the topic of actually doing what you love instead of pushing it aside as a hobby. I believe we are all created with a certain gift set to do some amazing things in life, and most of the time we settle for something we aren’t passionate about because it provides security. I’m not a fan of that kind of life. I believe in doing what you love, and if that means struggling sometimes…then at least love what you do while you struggle!

So I could talk for a long time about this OR I could just introduce you to some awesome people that prove you can actually follow your dreams. These are people that have personally inspired me and influenced the way I see things. I think we all need encouragement and inspiration as we follow our dreams so I want to use my blog as a platform to uplift others and have a resource where others can come and read about everyday people actively pursuing what they love as well as their ups and downs.

Today I want you to read all about my friend, Anna. When Anna started Dough A Dear Bakery I was immediately impressed by her drive and vision for her business. I invited Anna to share a little about her journey so far.

“My name is Anna Berman and I am the owner of Dough A Dear Bakery. It’s a little bake shoppe located off of Ozark’s quaint town square in Missouri. I opened my business a little over a year ago and it has been an adventure from day one! 

The year before I started DDB I was really at a deep place in my life. I felt like I kept getting blindsided with different things that life brought my way. I look back now and see that God was chiseling away everything that I had put before Him. He really emptied me from all that I thought would fulfill me. I was ready to find joy again through my day to day life. Baking brings me that joy! I am still blown away by the doors that opened and continue to open through this journey. I couldn’t even have imagined a more perfect plan for my business. 

I have always loved desserts and loved baking them. My Grandma and Memaw make the BEST desserts and I remember baking with them and just the peace that it brought me. Baking makes you slow down in life. It’s the perfect kind of therapy I think. It gives you the time to think about absolutely nothing, or absolutely everything. I never would of thought that I would be doing this as a full-time career, let alone it be my own business! I daydreamed about having my own bakery one day, but never thought it would actually happen!”

“I still love waking up every morning (very early I might add!) and look forward to the full day ahead of me! Life is too short to not love every minute of what you’re doing–the struggle and all! I have learned so much in such a short time, but I know I still have tons more to experience and I hope I never stop learning! One of my favorite quotes is by Theodore Roosevelt and it says, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I have that quote posted everywhere! I don’t go a day without seeing it multiple times! I don’t want to waste any more time worrying about the thoughts of others, if I’m good enough to be doing this, if I deserve this opportunity, am I making a difference? These thoughts will eat you up! I hope my experiences and my “job” will inspire at least one person to just go for it. Follow your dreams! :)”

At the moment she is running a kickstarter campaign to raise money to purchase and renovate a vintage trailer to sell her baked goods from. This is something I personally support myself and really urge you to join in on because dreams are better when you have people along side you to support you.

Be sure to follow Dough A Dear Bakery along on facebook, twitter & instagram (you’ll always be drooling). If you are ever in Missouri…be sure to contact Anna to try out one of her sweet treats!

*All photos provided by Anna Berman.