March 1, 2017

Etsy Challenge: 3 Ways To Grow Your Etsy Shop In March

I started the Etsy challenge last month, and I learned a lot from February and took notes throughout on what I wanted to challenge you (and myself) with in March. Let’s do this together and see how our Etsy shops grow!

1. New photos– Spring is coming up and this is the perfect time to transition your photos in your shop.

Quick Tip: don’t only add professional studio photos, if you have a customer photo to share, it is a great idea to add it to your listing to show how the customers can enjoy your product! Make sure you get permission from the customer to use their photo before using it in your listing.

2. Add 3-5 New listings- You want to know a secret to getting sales? Showing your shop is active by adding new listings. I did this last month and I saw an increase in my sales almost immediately! The new listings really help your SEO ranking on Etsy and also show customers you are a trustworthy shop.

3. Promoting through Etsy Instagram Accounts– If you have trouble growing your social media presence or are just starting out, I suggest promoting through Instagram accounts likeEtsy Hunter & Maker’s Village. There are so many of these accounts out there and is a unique promotion avenue.  A promotion like this usually runs you $15 and you can easily cover that cost with the sales you gain from this.

Bonus challenge: Sign up for myEtsy Tips newsletter to help you throughout the month of March!

I’m keeping the challenge short this month since new photos and new listings are not something you can do in a day, it takes a lot of time! Are you joining in?! Let me know below so I can follow your shop!