January 19, 2016

Extra Long Lumbar Pillow | DIY

If you need the perfect pillow fight weapon, look no further! 😉

Like I mentioned in this post, I’m trying to spend a little more focus on decorating our bedroom which has proven itself to be easier said than done. I made this crochet blanket and it really took the coziness up a notch, but we still have a looong way to go (it’s about the process, right?!). I found this tweed fabric in my fabric stash and immediately thought it would be great for a winter pillow. In the spring and summer I am going to swap it out for a indigo dyed extra long pillow.

materials: 2-4 yards of fabric* (see below for how much to use), thick yarn, sewing machine, thread and needle, pillow stuffing

process: First, determine how much fabric you need. I used 49 inches x 28 inches for my king size bed. Cut a rectangle to the size of fabric you need making sure the height is double what you want it to end up being. Fold rectangle in half and sew along the bottom. Keep it inside-out for now. On one end, make a back and forth pattern with your thick yarn on the inside of the pillow and sew the ends of the pillow together joining the yarn to the pillow. Now only one end will be open. Turn the pillow right-side out.  Lay your pillow flat and make the same back and forth pattern with the yarn on the opposite end on top of the pillow (right side out). Sew the yarn to one side of the pillow, leaving the end open. Stuff the pillow completely and fold over the end of the pillow that doesn’t have yarn attached. Whip stitch this end to the adjacent piece to close the pillow.

*to determine how big you want your pillow: According to Emily Henderson,  for a full/queen bed you can have as small as 24″ and a king should have no smaller than 30″. I just measured my bed and felt 48-50″ was the size I wanted so it could cover most of it. For height, 14″ is a great height, it can totally be shorter if you want! Again, measure your bed and determine what works best for you and the pillows you already have on the bed!

For less than 30 minutes, $8 in fabric and putting a use to old pillow stuffing, I’d say this turned out all right! I’ve seen extra long pillows going for upward $250! So I’d say this is a steal.

If you are looking for another way to make your room cozy, here is the tutorial for the hexagon tray!

What are your tips and tricks to decorating your room?!