December 20, 2013

Fabric Journal Restyle

I always have a moleskine journal with me, if not two. I usually have one with ideas and one for everyday journaling. I can’t get away from the simple journal- I love the consistent look of moleskines, so I don’t usually branch out and buy other cute ones even though there are a lot of cute ones out there. I wanted to give the front of my journals a different look just so I could differentiate the two easier.

 For my idea journal, I used a stamp I carved myself that says “Always Rooney” and stamped it on canvas fabric and cut it in a banner shape. After that, I sewed it on the front of my moleskine.

 For my everyday journal, I made this whale graphic (download here) and printed it out on canvas. To print on fabric, cut an 8.5 x 11 sheet of fabric and tape the ends to card stock paper, feed it in the paper tray of your printer card stock side up & print as usual. Then I cut it out and sewed it on my moleskine.

Do you carry journals with you?