March 23, 2021

Fabric Toy Organizer | DIY

Fabric toy organizer DIY

Let’s make DIY fabric toy organizers! These little fabric organizers that are great for a baby’s room, bathroom, or anywhere you need organization. I love that you can make these in many different fabrics and colors. It’s simple to make these any size that you need by following this easy sewing tutorial. You just need fabric and a sewing machine to make these which makes this the perfect sewing project for beginners. If you have any questions feel free to comment below and let me know which organizer you like best!

How to make a fabric organizer with two pockets

First you’re going to cut a rectangle that measures, 24 inches by 42 inches.

Then you’re wanting to fold up the hem quarter of an inch, and then once more. Sew along this edge to create a clean hem on both sides of the rectangle. Fold the rectangle up nine inches and then down, 12 inches. This is going to create the pocket for the toy organizer. If you’re using a striped or pattern fabric like mine, you can make sure your shapes and your patterns are lining up.

Then you want to pin the side seams in place. Sew along as the side seams on each of the four corners, you can cut off a triangle shape, and this will make sure when you turn it inside out, that the corners will be perfectly pointed. 

Now you want to find the center of your rectangle and then market. And so, from the front flap and down through the center this is just going to create an extra pocket and cut a 24 inch by one inch strip of fabric and fold it in half. 

You want to cut six of these, and fold them in half and then sew along the three sides to create an opening at the bottom. Then I used this turner tool and switched it inside out. You can do this by hand, it just takes a little bit longer if you don’t have a tool like this. You can also use a straw in a skewer. You want to have six ties total, and then you can iron them to make them crisp and clean.

You can use a seam ripper and seam rip one inch on the sides, and then you can sandwich in the ties, where you just rip the same, and so on the side. You can also do this ahead of time by not even having to do the same refer, but this is something I always forget to do this stuff. 

So I’m kind of backtracking, make sure you’re sewing on the inside. 

When you turn it right side out, you won’t even be able to see for him and for the middle, I just took two ties and folded the ends twice to make a little flat edge, and then I sewed it to the back in the middle of the organizer. After you have all of your ties on you can iron your entire organizer and then hanging up wherever you like.

How to make a vertical fabric organizer 

For the next fabric organizer DIY, cut a rectangle that measures 12 inches by 60 inches. This will last for three large pockets to cut the pocket measure 8 inches by 12 inches, and cut as many pockets so to like. In this video, I’m only making one pocket, but it’s just an example in products, I made three pockets, we just need to him one side of every pocket a longer side. 

I’m going to hem it by folding it a quarter of an inch, and then once again in ironing it down to make the sewing process easier. Make sure you’re changing out your bobbin and thread to the coordinating color and then you will sew along the edge to make a clean him. 

Next you’re going to cut your ties, and I’m cutting these a little thicker than my other organizer in need. So I’m cutting them about 2 inches by 15 inches, and folding them in half, and you’ll sew around the three edges of the strip you just cut and leaving the opening at the bottom, then you can use the turn tool and turn it inside out.

After it is flipped inside out, you can use your wooden skewer point out the edges, then you can iron it by finishing off your tie. 

Now you want to measure where you want your pocket to go. So I measured about two inches down from the top of my bottom piece and the bottom piece is folded in half, and so this will be kind of the back of the organizer, and then I put pins in place to kind of make sure I knew where I wanted the pocket to end, and then where the pins are I actually flipped over my pocket and lined it up upside down, then I can sew across the back and this seam will not be seen later on.

Make sure when you’re sewing you want to unfold your back piece so you’re only sewing through the top layer of the fabric. This is so you’ll be able to later turn your piece inside out. Now that you have sewn the pocket, bottom into place, you can flip it back up, and iron across to flatten it out. Then you’re going to repeat this for however many pockets you want. 

When you’re done with the pockets sewing the bottoms in place, you’ll fold back down the bottom, and pin the pockets in place before you do that, you want to also add your ties and sandwich into the corners of the bottom piece. Next you’re going to sew along the side seams of your entire organizer, and then you’re going to repeat this on both sides, you’re going to cut off the top corners so that when you flip it inside out, or right side out, you will have a crisp corner, and I’m going to iron it in place and finish off your organizer whenever you have all your pockets, done, you can flip up the bottom, and then so on the bottom to create a finished organizer.

That’s all you need to do! Like I said, this fabric toy organizer is a great project for beginners and can be customized many different ways.

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