November 15, 2012

Fair Isle & Mint | Outfit Post

{Sweater: Forever 21, Corduroys & Bracelet: J.Crew, Boots: T.J.Maxx}

How about those mint corduroys from J.Crew?! Let me be real for a second: how about that bed head?! I guess it is always this way…messy and long, honestly I just get out of bed and go with how it is. I don’t know if I should cut bangs or start straightening it, but every time I think of doing either I know its just not my style and doesn’t go well with my lifestyle. Yes, I am aware of the thickness, the length and the messy mane that sits on my head similar to my favorite Disney princess. I dislike the way the cold air only brings static to my hair and it sheds on all my jackets. That is my small hair rant, I will stop. On the plus side: it serves as a great extra scarf in the cold! #longhairdon’tcare


My sweet friend, Erin Pauls, took these photos. Visit her blog: One Fine Pine!