October 10, 2013

Fall Leaf Sweatshirt Restyle | DIY

I pulled out my fall clothes and swapped them with my summer clothes the other day and realized how excited I was for the season ahead for the clothes alone, I’m not one for cold weather. I’m a sucker for a sweatshirt so here is a simple DIY to throw on when the temperature starts to drop. 

Materials: Sweatshirt, fleece, sewing machine, pins. Fold a rectangle of fleece in half and lightly draw out your shape. I went for a leaf wreath and cut around the shape. Pin your shape to your sweatshirt and sew with matching thread.

*The floral print fabric in the photo above was my original idea to put over the fleece but I think I’ll save that idea for a different version of this sweatshirt. 

 Bring on the cozy weather, I’m now ready!

*Photos by Arielle Kennedy