October 23, 2013

Felt Hat Restyle

There are so many ways to restyle a hat, endless possibilities. I chose to keep this felt hat pretty simple and classic with a leather band I had left over from my DIY camera strap.  I scored this hat at my local goodwill for $3 and it was missing something around the hat, there were just ugly glue remnants. Once again I am thankful for the Target x Goodwill partnership they got goin’ on.

 Materials: Hat with brim (mine was thrifted), Leather strap or scraps, Round stud, leather glue

Steps: 1. Measure around hat and cut leather to about one inch longer than this length. 2. Attach stud with prongs going through the leather and folding on other side. 3. Cut leather to an arrow shape and attach to hat with leather glue.

*Later on, I decided to trim the brim of the hat since it was felt and wouldn’t fray. I trimmed about 2 inches off.

Shirt: Free People//Bracelet: Brandy Melville//Hat: Thrifted & Restyled

Photos by: Arielle Kennedy