October 7, 2013

Find The Good


Some friends and I went camping this weekend. We saw rain in the forecast but decided to stick it out because we were itching to get outside. It was not the perfect camping weekend, we didn’t get to hike and see the beautiful views like we wanted and we couldn’t even find our campsite from a series of events. But you know what? It was a fantastic weekend anyways and camping turned out to be a different success than we thought. Often times we get this image in our head of what our days, trips, or even years are supposed to look like and if they don’t turn out like we imagined we count them as a fail. I say, throw away that mindset because life can surprise you with things just as great but may look a little different on the surface. Find positive things out of every situation, change your perspective..most of the time you don’t have to dig too deep to find the good out of situations. 

We made the most of it, embraced where we were.. cooked a delicious meal over the fire, slept in our hammocks to the sound of a light drizzle, woke up to an electrical storm & possible flash flood, explored a local town instead of hiking and visited one of thecoolest museums.

A weekend full of laughs, successes and fails. The best.