August 22, 2018

FIVE Years of Shop Always Rooney

 This month marks five years of Shop Always Rooney and I couldn’t be more grateful for the growth these five years have brought to my life. Last year, I closed up my shop for the holidays with the intentions of not coming back to selling leather goods. I was burned out, uninspired and tired of making custom orders. Honestly, I was looking forward to never having to make another passport cover again. Through this season I learned so much about myself and how tightly I was trying to hold on to my shop. I noticed the place it held above my relationships and even the anxiety it was bringing to my life so I figured the best thing to do was to step back. Throughout the break I wrestled with the idea of closing for good.

January rolled around and after a month off, I had a desire to get back to making things and take it one step at a time. The anxious feelings were still there but as I faced them head on instead of running away, I truly feel like I overcame in that area of my business. I’m learning daily that my identity is not in my work or what I do.

So this year has been unlike any other. Its been slower and allowed me the space to really think of what is ahead. I thought this would be the last, but I truly feel like this is now the beginning. I’m practicing leather working more, branching out of my little box, making handbags and dreaming of what is to come.

I’m so grateful for you following along, supporting my work and helping me to improve Shop Always Rooney

Photos by Monica Burgess