January 21, 2013

Floppy Brim Hat Restyle | DIY

Always Rooney Floppy Brim Hat Restyle DIY from courtney kennedy on Vimeo.

Video shot & edited by my brother, Chase. 

I love the floppy brim hat trend going on. Sometimes you just have to add something to them, ya know? Here is a quick video DIY showing how I customized my own hat. I got my hat at Wal Mart for just a few dollars which made me feel better about restyling it. If you customize your own hat, I’d love to see!

You may notice some changes to the look of Always Rooney and I’ll be working here and there, but somethings are just a longer process than others. So bare with me;) Through a series of events (and a long technical story) it is now (finally) possible to follow me on Google Friend Connect which hasn’t been possible since june of 2012.  I know GCF is  very convenient instead of the only option of following on Bloglovin‘ so on the right column side you can follow me now on GCF. 

Have a wonderful Monday,