July 8, 2016

Fringe Pillow Made From A Placemat | DIY

 Jordan and I were in Target this week and I was trailing behind him glancing down every isle. Once I realized what was happening, it made me laugh because this happens every single time we go to Target. Ha! He is on a mission and I am just there to take it all in. Anyone else like me when it comes to Target? When I am taking it all in, I’m also taking stock of what they have for when I want to make something and need the perfect supplies. Like for this fruit basket.

I saw these placemats when they first hit the shelves and stored them away in my mind for a future project. When I saw they were on clearance for just $1.50, I snatched the last one up! I already had this fringe from Hobby Lobby waiting to be used for the perfect project and a simple pillow won. So next time you are looking for the perfect fabric for a pillow, I suggest looking everywhere but the fabric store.

 Fringe Pillow Made From A Placemat

Materials: Placemat, Fringe (found at Hobby Lobby), Pillow Form, Contrasting Fabric, Sewing Machine, Seam Ripper

Process: I started by ripping the seams of the back of the mat to make my working space a little larger. When I have my final measurements of the placemat with the undone seams, I created two pieces for the back envelope closing that was 3/4 of the height of the placemat. Hem the edges of the back panels that will overlap to make the envelope opening. Lay your mat face up with the fringe on each side with the fringe toward the inside. Finally, lay the two envelope pieces on top right-side facing down. Sew all the way around the pillow. Flip the pillow inside out and fill with your pillow form!

  This is also the perfect cushion for an outdoor party this summer! I have a feeling I’ll be bringing this along on a future picnic.

Thanks to my friend Kaylan for letting me borrow her cute Target chair for this! Go look at her amazing home renovations on her blog. I also love how the pillow is working well with the existing pillows on our couch. I guess I’ll be stalking the kitchen decor section from now on!