May 13, 2013

GIllian Stevens | I Like Your Style

 This is Gillian Stevens, one of the loveliest ladies out there. I am so excited to share some about her own personal style. Make sure to see her at The Closet Diaries, I am always so inspired after peeking at Gillian’s blog.

My name is: Gillian Stevens

I am a: photographer, design enthusiast, and wife. 

My style is: a cross betweem feminine vintage inspired and boyish comfortable. It really depends how I’m feeling!

I am inspired by: My friends and family! 

My go to outfit is: I don’t think I really have one.. I wear different things all the time! But I could wear dresses or skirts every day of my life! 

My favorite item of clothing is: my pajamas. Or my wedding dress! 

My favorite places to shop: thrift stores, macys, madewell, Zara, club Monaco and gap! 


Thanks Gillian for sharing, I like your style!