February 9, 2013

Handmade Table Restyle

When I made my own kitchen table I didn’t know what color to stain it, so I kept it neutral because I liked how it was made of all different types of wood, so when I stained it the color was uneven. I knew eventually I would re-stain it to a color I liked better and I finally decided on a dark stain for the top that contrasted with a white paint for the legs. 

I sanded down my table and since there was a few polyurethane coats on the top I didn’t get every crevice sanded, this left me with a vintage look on top since some of the old stain and natural colors of the wood peek through. 

After putting this project off for many many months, I finally finished it and I am very very pleased with the outcome. I can’t wait to find a colorful (yet muted) rug to go underneath and I am already in the works of re-decorating the wall beside it. Our little breakfast nook is in the works and I hope to add pieces to it that really bring it to life. 

You can see the before table, and how I made it here

Are there any projects you have been putting off for a while?


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