January 16, 2014

Hexagon Tray | DIY

It is time to pull out those power tools again to make this hexagon table tray! If triangles were the shape of 2013, I do believe hexagons are the shape of 2014. I love this tray by Nate Berkus from Target and the wood work of Ariele Alasko so I used them both for inspiration on this tray. 

Matials & Tools: 2 pieces of 10 inch x 10 inch wood (or one piece of 20inx20in wood)*, Thin piece of scrap wood, 1 inch x 2 inch long strip of wood*, Nail Gun, Chop Saw, Wood glue, Wood Stain, White paint, painters tape, Sander. 

*This wood is easily found at Michaels or any craft store if you don’t want to tackle the Hardware store.


Main Hexagon Shape:

Connect your two pieces of 10 inch wood with wood glue and connect with your piece of thin wood across where the pieces join together. Secure with a few nails. You should now have a square measuring 20inx20in (Or any other measurement you want..just make sure it is a square). Mark the middle of each side, and then mark the quarter measurements; for me I had marks at 5in, 10in & 15in on every side. On the top, start from the middle and draw a straight line to the 5in mark. Do this on the right and left side as well as the bottom. Using a chop saw or a skill saw, cut along the lines to make your hexagon shape. Sand down your shape!

Sides of Hexagon:

Start with any side you like and measure out how long the side will be, leaving a quarter inch on the ends. Line it up to the side and draw a line that goes with the shape of the hexagon. Usually this will be a diagonal line. Cut the line and continue this on each side. I suggest going one side at a time to measure out the angles. Sand your tray completely.

Staining & Painting:

I did this part the hard way because I chose 3 colors. This can be achieved much easier and faster with two colors, it is mainly up to you. First, I taped off the design I wanted and then chose a main color for the tray and filled in the big parts with “Provincial” wood stain (my new favorite stain color!) I skipped a few of the diagonal lines and filled those with “Special Walnut.” After the stain dried, I taped over the stain and filled in the rest with white paint. I went back and fixed errors with a small paint brush. After this died, I used a spray clear coat of polyurethane. 

 I’ve been using this tray on my bed for the mornings while I spend time reading, sipping tea and preparing myself for the day ahead. This tray would also be great for a coffee table..or maybe even wall art? You chose, be creative and have fun with this project!

*You can purchase this trayhere.

*Candle is from Great Bear Wax Co & My bible was bound by Madison Hedlund.