January 5, 2018

Home Project List For 2018

Last year I wrote a blog post outlining our home project list for 2017. I was surprised at how often I referred to it throughout the year. This year I want to focus on really improving the smaller details of our home since there will not be any major renovations this year. I’ve put off a lot of up-keeping projects because big renovations are just more fun to think about and work on. Here is what I’m focusing on for the year:

1. Built-ins flanking the fireplace – This is the only big project of the year and one I’ve been eager to work on. I’m glad I’ve had to wait because it has helped me clarify what we want and what will work best in our space. We are planning on floor to ceiling built-ins with a cabinet on each side for storage and sconces at the top. My friend Sallie’s beautiful built-ins are a huge inspiration for this project as well as this pin!

Difficulty: ****

Budget: $500-750. I’m hoping to keep this cost effective but since this is a permanent change to our home we want to make sure it is done well. I have not fully priced it out yet, so stay tuned!

2. Refinishing living room chairs – Last year we halfway checked off this project. This year I want to focus on sanding down and restoring the wood!

Difficulty: ***

Budget: TBD. I have not worked on anything like this before, so there is the option of hiring our friend to help us with this project. Have you ever sanded chairs down?

3. Installing and painting plantation shutters – I found some plantation shutters at Habitat For Humanity: ReStore to fit our windows. I am on the hunt for 6 more for our living room and my studio  to make things cohesive. I also need to install two of the windows that are just leaning in place right now.

Difficulty: *

Budget: $150 for new shutters. I spent around $60 for the previous shutters I found at Habitat, so I want to keep the rest under budget.

4. Cleaning up the last details on the kitchen subway tile wall – When I worked on this project, I was racing against the clock since Jordan was out of town. I left a few details unfinished so this year I want to take time and finish them off!

Difficulty: *

Budget: $30.

5. Insulation – We’ve been struggling this winter keeping our home warm. With a crawl space, old home and lack of insulation our house is cold. Our goal is to add insulation in our bedroom and attic to keep the heat in as well as help with utility bills!

Difficulty: **** (we will hire a professional)

Budget: TBD. Anyone have insulation information?!

6. Sliding bathroom door – When we renovated our bathroom we planned for a sliding bathroom door. We have the hardware but no door. I’m still on the lookout for the perfect door!

Difficulty: **

Budget: $200

7. Keep a regular cleaning schedule and seasonal deep cleans – I love a clean home but it gets neglected time and time again. I grew up on a weekly cleaning schedule and think my mom was on to something when she implemented it…I want to take care of the home we have and keep it in tip top shape!

Difficulty: **

Budget: $0! 

8. Replace kitchen cabinet hardware – This is a simple change that can always be reversed in the future! I have been trying to track down the perfect gold hardware and I’ve narrowed it down to two options.

Difficulty: *

Budget: $150

There ya have it. I am sure more projects will come naturally, but for now I have a lot to work on!