November 13, 2013

Hot Drink Sleeve (Hipster Koozie) | DIY

Let’s just call this Do-it-yourself project for what it is: hipster koozie. Sure, the technical term may be a hot drink sleeve that is fancier than your cardboard, half recycled Starbucks sleeve but I prefer koozie for a few reasons: 1. the word koozie- I just love to say that! & 2. it is what it is…don’t be to cool for the kooz.

 Materials: Thick fabric (I used a thrifted jacket & upholstery fabric), felt, leather, sewing machine, sewing pins, Cup to measure around (Like a mason jar!)

Steps: Measure around your cup and add about an inch, also measure the width you want your koozie to be. Cut your outside fabric the length & width of your measurements. Cut your felt about a half an inch smaller length-wise and width-wise. Fold the outside fabric over the felt and pin in place. Sew around rectangle. Fold over the raw edges and connect the ends of your koozie together. Cut a piece of leather half an inch longer than your width and sew over your folded edge. Now put some hot cocoa on the stove, pour into a mason jar and slip on your koozie. 

 I really enjoyed making this project, it is perfect for when you are hanging out with friends around a campfire (or your fireplace).

*This project was inspired by: Loyal Stricklin.